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Call Us Today!
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Thorough Pest COntrol Inspections

bee infestation

We start out by examining the entire exterior and interior of your property to take a closer look at the dark and recessed places where pests love to hide. We also check windows, thresholds, utility lines, rooflines and downspouts. We keep an eye out for telltale signs such as gnawing, droppings, nests, and tracks or trails.

Wildlife Removal/Exclusion

Trapping: Following state and federal guidelines, we employ humane trapping methods to capture the problem animal. We closely monitor traps to make sure an animal is held no longer than necessary. Species that can be legally released will be removed and relocated. Any required euthanizations will be performed according to American Veterinarian Medical Association suggested methods.

Relocation: To minimize the risk of the spread of infectious diseases and any stress the wildlife may experience, we will relocate the wildlife into areas remote enough that nuisance problems are not likely to occur.

Deodorization: Using an atomized application of industrial-strength, biodegradable deodorizer, we can remove the animals’ scent and discourage future attraction of other wildlife in living spaces, travel ways and entry holes.

Animal Proofing: We secure all active and potential entry holes with two thicknesses of galvanized (rust resistant) 23-gauge animal proof steel mesh screen tightly fastened with screws.

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